The Make-Up I Want Some

Make Up are America’s premier preachers of garage soul. Having been spawned from bands like Nation of Ulysses and Frumpies, the members’ punk heritage ensures this isn’t a gospel of religion, but one of political change. Their sound is marked by James Canty’s wonderfully warm organ, Ian Svenonius’ frantic shrieks of passion, and the high gear groove of bassist Michelle Mae and drummer Steve Gamboa. I Want Some collects together the band’s seven-inch singles, which provide some of their best work. Getting right to the point, their small platter outings preach anarchism through the manifesto of “get down, freak out.” Their best tracks get the groove locked hard like the rare groove funk of “Pow! to the People.” Tracks that delve in to guitar psychedelia like “Walking on the Dune” and “The Choice” harken back to the first wave of punk — the classic ‘60s garage blues typified by the Nuggets collection. There are even times when Svenonius’s squeal starts sounding like Janis Joplin with Big Brother and the Holding Company. The band’s other extreme is the Fugazi-esque angular punk heard on “Blue Is Beautiful” and “This is ... Young Vulgarians.” When you add in the swaggering politics of tracks like “Born On The Floor” you’re left with the soundtrack for your next dance party and/or revolution. (K)