Majority Rule Emergency Numbers

Something about books and covers and always judging them is a difficult habit to break, even if an awesome band by any other name would still be awesome. Forgiveness is due if you jumped to the conclusion that Majority Rule would be some kind of preachy sXe band (as the name and shirtless tattooed guy photo on the back of the CD misleads), but hearing their name in conjunction with the musically deep Virginia scene over the last couple years meant there should be substance here and there is. Sonically closest to monolithic metal titans Isis (and by extension, the mighty Neurosis) in their moments of mellow and serene before the harsh, this three-piece utilises psychedelic and progressive Pink Floyd-ian moments of guitar echoes, washes and feedback-tinted soundscapes in their cascading sonic constructions, which ebb and flow, cycle and continually build. However, the beyond damaged Iron Monkey-ish vocals and frayed around the edges, vaguely power-violence-style abrasion (reminiscent of fellow VAers Page 99) makes Majority Rule harsher than Isis have been since The Red Sea, but still equally enamoured with Sabbath-ian doom and utterly overwhelming a listener with density. With Emergency Numbers, Majority Rule has, with little fanfare, offered a totally unexpected gem. (Magic Bullet)