Majid Jordan "Small Talk" (video)

Majid Jordan 'Small Talk' (video)
Majid Jordan have been nothing less than generous with offering music videos for the shadowy pop 'n' B sounds of their self-titled debut LP. The latest clip to add to the canon is a drive time visual for "Small Talk."

Set up as a subtitled French film, it finds one guy getting his buddy out of the house so they can go for a ride with some girls. The droptop adventure finds plenty of wind whipping through their hair, but the day also includes a stop at a restaurant and a party. One of the guys is pretty concerned with texting his girlfriend back home, but the intensity of the scene eventually has him focusing on what's in front of him.

You'll find the "Small Talk" video below, while info on Majid Jordan's next round of North American tour dates can be found over here.