Majestic Downfall …When Dead

Majestic Downfall …When Dead
Majestic Downfall's third studio album, …When Dead, is an achievement.
The band hail from Mexico and have been a group since 2006. Up until recently, this death/doom powerhouse was the baby of Jacobo Córdova of Zombification, but now the group finally have a full line-up, and rumour has it that they are soon to start playing some shows.
This is unmistakably death/doom, and they've been compared to bands like Tiamat and My Dying Bride, but what's different about Majestic Downfall is that while they are slow and brooding, they are simultaneously catchy as hell, groovy and pulverizingly heavy. Each song on the record is strong in its own right, but they also blend together well to form a strong and flowing narrative. Still, there are standouts, and "Doors," with its melodic guitar riffs and brutal chorus, is one of them.
This is finely executed doom, catchy and downright innovative, which in this day and age of millions of Bandcamp bands, is really saying something. (Pulverised)