MagicPerm "TragicMerm" (video)

MagicPerm  'TragicMerm' (video)
Montreal/Saskatoon-based purveyors of synth-pop MagicPerm categorize their sound as "plushcore" and are quick to point out their affinity for pigeon-watching, so their brand new video for "TragicMerm" should serve as an appropriate introduction for anyone just getting acquainted with the band.
The song comes from the group's latest EP Body Sounds, and it's a dreamy mix of soft synths and airy vocals. The new clip features bandmates Adam Finley and Sydney Lee, and although the trio's third member Rachel Nam doesn't make an appearance, she does get the credit for directing and editing.
Filmed over both summer and winter between Montreal and Saskatoon, the video opens with a carefully curated, pastel-hued pigeon shrine before the camera switches over to showcasing what the group describe as "squiggly feelings and awkward dancing."
Check out Exclaim!'s exclusive video premiere of  MagicPerm's "TragicMerm" below.