Magic Number That Day

That Day is a good fusion of jazz, down-tempo electronics and house. Ross Hillard, aided by well-known house producer Atjazz, singer Jane Hamilton, and many other musicians and singers have crafted an interesting album with a variety of speeds and moods. Luckily, they don’t often fall into the trap of excessive looping. The best tracks are the slow ones, such as "Turn Back,” with its female vocals and soft organ keys and the string-filled "Suddenly” and "Waiting (For You).” Of the up-tempo tracks, the bleepy instrumental "My Interruption,” "Sorry,” for its upbeat, positive sounds meshed with a sad vocal, and "Everyday,” for a fine house ending, stand out. Not a bad album, especially for sitting on an outdoor patio or porch, sipping a cool drink. (Stereo Deluxe)