Madonna Clarifies She Tested Positive for COVID-19

She was diagnosed with the coronavirus during the end of her "Madame X Tour"
Madonna Clarifies She Tested Positive for COVID-19
For better or worse, Madonna has emerged as one of the more vocal celebrities when it comes to COVID-19, and we're now getting a better idea why. The singer has confirmed she indeed tested positive for the coronavirus.

Following claims that COVID-19 was the "great equalizer and that she was ready to "breathe in the COVID-19 air" due to her having coronavirus antibodies, 61-year-old Madonna has clarified things, telling her fans she had been diagnosed with COVID-19 during the tail end of her "Madame X Tour" in Paris back in February.

Madonna played only a single night in Paris on February 22 before calling off the next show, citing "ongoing injuries."

The reveal came via her Instagram today, with Madonna shutting down over what she called "sensationalist headlines" saying she was currently sick with COVID-19.

"Im Grateful that I can be a part of supporting Research to Find the cure for Covid -19!!" she wrote, before adding, "I am not currently sick."

Madonna then went on to write: "When you test positive for anti-bodies it means you HAD the virus which I clearly did as I was sick at the end of my tour in Paris over 7 weeks ago along with many other artists in my show but at the time. We all thought we had a very bad flu. Thank God we are all healthy and well now. Hope that clears things up for the band wagon jumpers!! Knowledge is Power!"

You can see her post below, where she has shared an article about her donating $1.1 million USD towards research to find a coronavirus vaccine.