Madchild and Associates Sued by Ousted Battle Axe Co-Founder

Madchild and Associates Sued by Ousted Battle Axe Co-Founder
A BC man who claims to have co-founded the "Battle Axe Warriors" movement and fan club with Madchild is now suing the Vancouver rapper for reportedly being edged out of the business.

A recently launched civil suit in BC Supreme Court has Chilliwack's David Waltho claiming Madchild (a.k.a. Shane Bunting) owes him profits earned via the fan club service, as well as his initial investment in the project, which they began together in 2010. Also named in the lawsuit are Suburban Noize founder Kevin Zinger and Canadian hip-hop figure Kyle Kraft.

According to the suit, "despite repeated promises and assurances" from Madchild, Waltho "has received neither any repayment of his initial investment nor any royalties," CBC reports.

The Battle Axe Warriors website is described as "a members-only fan club and movement," which stands separate from the longtime rap imprint Battle Axe Records that Madchild and his Swollen Members have been issuing music on since the late '90s. Waltho's duties with the club included "developing brand and marketing strategy, the management of online chat forums, websites and social media."

Waltho's lawsuit states that he put in an initial investment of $5,000 into the company, and also issued personal loans to Madchild that are said to include $6,500 for a Harley Davidson motorcycle, $8,500 for a 1969 Ford Mustang and $5,000 for "food, gas, cigarettes, housing and artwork."

Bunting is alleged to have signed a note acknowledging the loans and their partnership, but has allegedly given Waltho various excuses for not repaying, including that he's "on tour'" or not touring enough. It's also noted that money from the company has reportedly gone towards the funding of Madchild's albums, including 2012's Dope Sick.

It's added that both Zinger and Kraft were brought into the business later on, with their roles apparently leading to Waltho being pushed out of the day-to-day activities. That said, Waltho claims Madchild never indicated that their partnership was registered.

Waltho is suing for the money purportedly siphoned into the production of two Madchild solo albums, with demands for royalties on the releases. He's also asking for a public acknowledgment of their partnership and is asking Zinger and Kraft for "fair market value" on his share of Battle Axe Warriors.

Neither of the defendants listed has commented publicly on the civil suit.

Madchild is currently touring North America in support of his recent Silver Tongue Devil release. You'll find his tour schedule here.