Madchild "Slayer" (ft. Demrick) (video)

Madchild 'Slayer' (ft. Demrick) (video)
Madchild is apparently sticking to the shadows until his new Silver Tongue Devil album drops in July. That doesn't mean he's inactive, though, as he's using a creepy warehouse set up as the backdrop to a new video for the album's "Slayer."

The Swollen spitter is palling around in the abandoned warehouse with Demrick, who also contributes to the new record's "Mental" and "Triple Threat."

Madchild uses his time on the mic to talk about making a porno flick with his iPhone, and also compares himself to chrome-covered comic book character the Silver Surfer. A small quibble about the bruiser's follow-up line about killing planets while flying through the galaxy, though: the board-riding cosmic entity generally leaves the destruction up to his world-munching on-and-off boss, Galactus.

Demrick delivers the hook above the song's haunted house piano lines, but also gets to drop a solo verse mid-song.

You'll find the video below, while Silver Tongue Devil drops July 24 through Battle Axe.