"The Funeral"

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Nov 5, 2015

An all-out diss war has broken out on the West Coast, with Vancouver rappers Madchild and Snak the Ripper currently embroiled in a verbal jousting. Following Snak's recent "Assisted Suicide," which chewed out Madchild for disrespecting him on Twitter, the Battle Axe rapper is ready to slice-and-dice with a diss track of his own: "The Funeral."

Following a devilish movie sample, Madchild goes on the attack, explaining that he would have gotten back to Snak earlier had he not been grinding it out on tour. Of his many disses, he says Snak has image problems, lacks a backbone, and may well have a bad case of IBS.

"You're not a good human being, you're a snake with a dick," he hurls out mid-track.

It's also noted that while Madchild is apparently a worldwide force, Snak is only known in "Greece, Canada, and Spain." We get the point, but, you know, exposure is exposure.

As the Georgia Straight reports, this all started last week when Madchild went on to Twitter to call Snak a "loud mouth piece of shit talking punk bitch." The tweets were quickly deleted, and Madchild called to apologize. This audio was apparently used to ridicule Madchild on "Assisted Suicide." 

Both tracks are available down below.


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