Madchild "Devils and Angels" (video)

Madchild 'Devils and Angels' (video)
Vancouver rapper Madchild has streamed out another sterling single from his forthcoming Silver Tongue Devil. This time he's filled a video for the album's "Devils and Angels" with a cast of innocents and brawlers.

Dilated Peoples' Evidence provided the beat, which utilizes a sped-up flurry of piano notes and a structure-shaking clap. Madchild plays the underdog in his verses, comparing himself to Mighty Mouse and a piranha let loose in the shark tank.

While this is going on, a split-screen approach shows us the BAXWAR rapper spitting through his silver grill on one side of the screen, and a vast array of characters on the other. This includes a frizzy-haired kid, a lady seemingly OK with having a kitchen knife sticking out of her belly, juiced-up muscle men, snarling German shepherds and more.

You'll find them all in the video down below, while Silver Tongue Devil drops July 24 through Battle Axe.