Mad Caddies

Just One More

BY Shawn MerrillPublished May 1, 2003

Not every band possesses the ability to build momentum and keep their sound refreshing with each new release, but this seems to be second nature for the Mad Caddies. Sure they play punk, and they play ska too, but their ability to blend in Dixieland, jazz, and pop into the mix concocts a sweet and unique musical brew. Picking up where 2001’s Rock the Plank left off, the Mad Caddies drop the new beats into maximum overdrive and the high stepping into sonic overload. And although the album’s tempo may fluctuate from laid-back grooving to fist-pumping fury, the song to song transitions fit nicely for any mood. However, the 15 songs on, Just One More would definitely be appreciated most on a hot and sweaty summer’s day, with an ice-cold alcoholic beverage in hand, and the pounding surf by your side.
(Fat Wreck)

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