Mad Caddies

The Holiday has been Cancelled

BY Shawn MerrillPublished Oct 1, 2000

One part Cheap Trick, one part AC/DC, some Less Than Jake and a whole lot of evil jazz equals the Mad Caddies. Supposedly, The Holiday Has Been Cancelled was an impromptu jam that was recorded, released and forgotten immediately after. However, one must take everything the Mad Caddies say with tongue planted firmly in cheek. The five songs on this release are of a superior kind and show a great deal of effort and sarcastic sincerity, so for them to pull this release quite literally out of their ass seems as ludicrous as the band's nature itself. Moreover, their cover of Abba's "S.O.S." is so brilliant that it sounds better than Abba ever did. Now, bring on the obscure Trio and Kraftwerk covers and then we'll see if the power of the Mad Caddies is truly repeatable!
(Fat Wreck)

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