Machinedrum and Braille Team Up for Sepalcure Album

Machinedrum and Braille Team Up for Sepalcure Album
While both Praveen Sharma and Travis Stewart have made names for themselves in the New York bass music scene -- as Braille and Machinedrum, respectively -- the two electronic musicians have gained acclaim partnering up as Sepalcure. While already this year the duo delivered the Fleur and Love Pressure Remixed EP's, they're now gearing up for their self-titled full-length debut.

A press release from the twosome's label Hotflush Recordings, who will release the set November 22, claims that Sepalcure's tunes are "strikingly diverse." Opener "Me" rides a Metalheadz-style drum and bass groove, while "Pencil Pimp" hones in on melancholic soul. Elsewhere, the group sidles in some IDM influences ("See Me Feel Me") before moving on to funkier beats befitting the current climate of rap.

"With hip-hop mutating towards electronic music it wouldn't be a surprise to hear a big-league rapper biting this soon," the press sheet questions.

While tour dates have yet to be announced, the press release promises that gigs are forthcoming. For now, that's the album art up above and down below you can see the tracklist.


1. "Me"

2. "Pencil Pimp"

3. "The One"

4. "See Me Feel Me"

5. "Eternally Yrs"

6. "Yuh Nuh See"

7. "Breezin"

8. "Hold On"

9. "Carrot Man"

10. "Outside"