Mac Miller "Happy" / "Walkin' Home" / "One Nine Six Nine"

Mac Miller 'Happy' / 'Walkin' Home' / 'One Nine Six Nine'
Hard-working rapper Mac Miller isn't just back with one new song, but three. Courtesy of the excellently titled Home N Stoned mixtape, the Pittsburgh rap champ delivered a hot threesome of new material.

"Happy" is thankfully not Miller's take on Pharrell's feelgood mom jam — instead it's a smooth as hell boom-bap number complete with celebratory lyrics about making it to the big leagues.

"Walkin' Home" is another laid-back hip-hop banger with jazzy samples and an excellent snare snap. "One Nine Six Nine" gets a little weirder, pairing some synth sounds with some gently sung vocals.

Check out all three new Mac joints below. Thanks to MissInfo for the tip.