Mac Lethal 11:11

Mac Lethal is filled with rage. Thankfully, he’s a talented writer/MC with a keen ear for a good beat because if he didn’t have these abilities, there is no telling what kind of terror he would unleash upon the world. His latest release, 11:11, covers elements of what is explicitly his day-to-day life in his hometown of Kansas City, MO. The first two tracks ("Backward” and "Calm Down Baby”) explode out of the gates, with Mac Lethal unleashing a mental tornado over hypnotic, sedated beats, which are fitting considering Lethal’s affinity for pills. Lethal is forthright with his themes; he covers attempting to make out with other people’s girlfriends in "Make out Bandit.” As well, he created his own pub banger entitled "Pound that Beer.” Both tracks compound the fact that this album is as hilarious as it is seething. The latter half of the album’s 13 tracks is darker than its predecessor’s, taking on a more macabre feel. What makes 11:11 a refreshing album is that after listening to an hour-plus of Lethal going off, you may have trouble wiping the smile off your face. Something seems to indicate that upon completing this record, Lethal had the same problem. (Rhymesayers)