M. Ward's 'Transistor Radio' Gets Expanded Reissue

M. Ward's 'Transistor Radio' Gets Expanded Reissue
December 2 is going to be a very big day for M. Ward and his fans. Not only is the singer-guitarist going to release the new covers album with She & Him on Columbia Records called Classics, but his 2005 album Transistor Radio is set to be reissued by Merge Records.

This is part of Merge's ongoing 25th anniversary reissue series. And while it's not the first time Transistor Radio has been made available on vinyl, this 180-gram pressing comes with a bonus CD containing four previously unheard tracks. Otherwise, the original tracklist has been preserved.

At the bottom of this page, hear the previously unreleased demo for "Here Comes the Sun Again." The album version of "Big Boat" is also below the tracklist.

"If you totally lost it when you first heard the masterful CD version of the opening track, a lump-in-the-throat, instrumental reworking of Brian Wilson's Pet Sounds gem 'You Still Believe in Me,' wait until you feel the sun scorch your face from the ultra-warm PVC treatment. Better keep some Coppertone handy," journalist Jud Cost said in a statement or the reissue. "If you've been itching to drop your tonearm onto one of Transistor Radio's 16 jackpot tracks, here's your chance, hi-fi worshipper.

The album is available to pre-order right here.

Transistor Radio:

1. You Still Believe In Me
2. One Life Away
3. Sweethearts on Parade
4. Hi-Fi
5. Fuel for Fire
6. Four Hours in Washington
7. Regeneration No. 1
8. Big Boat
9. Paul's Song
10. Radio Campaign
11. Here Comes the Sun Again
12. Deep Dark Well
13. Oh Take Me Back
14. I'll Be Yr Bird
15. Lullaby + Exile
16. Well-Tempered Clavier