M83 Knife + Heart

M83 Knife + Heart
Homicide, horror, '70s porn… and M83? Certainly not the usual sequential list that follows Anthony Gonzalez's dreamy musical output, but that nonetheless inspired his latest release.
The soundtrack to Knife + Heart sees Anthony, once again, team up with his brother and former band member, Yann Gonzalez, to tell the macabre story of a noir-tinged erotic slasher that explores the seedy underbelly of Paris in the 1970s.
Opening track "Thrash Me" immediately sets the tone, invoking the primitive prey vs. predator relationship underlying Yann's murderous plot. The impressive 27-track album is otherwise peppered with sumptuous melodies and titillating synth tracks that are undoubtedly informed by the sheer cheese of '70s porn music, but treated with the deft touch of Anthony's intuition for meaningful electronic music.
"We wanted to recapture the Gialli ambiance of the '70s, to feel that sinister yet sentimental tone," said Yann about the soundtrack in the written press release. "We wanted to dive in headlong, particularly as melancholy and poetry are found in numerous '70s horror film soundtracks, from films by Lucio Fulci to those by Mario Bava."
While not your traditional M83 release to say the least, Knife + Heart still contains a thing or two for the longtime fan. Notably, "Love's Refrain" — perhaps the album's most tender and touching gem — is a beautiful seven minutes in heaven of pure instrumental dream pop bliss. (Mute)