Lye By Mistake Arrangements for Fulminating Vective

Maryland’s Crucial Blast Records may be more than a little envious that the Lambgoat website/label signed St. Louis’s Lye By Mistake, because Arrangements for Fulminating Vective is the newest pledge in the lofty fraternity of the Mass, Spickle and Suzukiton. LBM’s signature mathcore is a spastic panoply of jazz, grind, cartoons, Botch, videogames, and utter brilliance. "Silence, The Girl” and "If We Were Intense, This Song Would Be a Boyscout” follow the mind-boggling grind attacks of the Dillinger Escape Plan, but "Aboriginal Negatives” allows needed breathing space for jazzy excursions, as if Emerson, Lake & Palmer covered Napalm Death. The wild and woolly "Ostrich Feathers and Apple Pie” takes a comparable path, making a pit stop for twisted country & western chords, Indian string rhythms, and Steve Vai-inspired wankery. The salsa-sprinkled "900 Seconds in Search of Jerry” is a dead ringer for old Mr. Bungle, and vocalist/keyboardist Tony Saputo invokes Mike Patton’s throat spirit to process his own screams in similar fashion. "Dream As I May, I Feel It, and It’s So Wrong” revels in its spacey, Ohm/Chris Poland-styled opulence, and the sprawling nine-minute "Nero’s Intention” mixes all these blueprints into a lumbering, multi-legged progeny of a more metallic Medeski, Martin & Wood. Embraced by tech-core enthusiasts and jazz hepcats alike, Lye By Mistake are now swinging monkey-like on the bar raised by DEP’s Miss Machine. (Gnomonsong)