Lusine Serial Hodgepodge

Lusine’s latest record holds Ghostly International’s high standard of less-is-more computer musicianship. Brisk clicks and cuts blend with fluid and foggy under-layers as articulated mid-length trickery smoothly inhabits the middle ground. Like chiaroscuro, Lusine (aka Jeff McIlwain) succeeds in creating perspective within his mid-to-down-tempo compositions by smudging and lengthening some tones while making others crystal clear. He maintains space and connection between layers by sliding those established spaces around. The result is an ethereal setting balanced by a clean and logical foreground whose sum is, simply, good music. But then again, while academic rhetoric is fantastic, it’s better that the innovative style provokes a gut reaction of "hey, this is good stuff!” For his success, Lusine carries forth the Ghostly torch in my heart. (Ghostly)