The Lumineers "Submarines" (video)

The Lumineers 'Submarines' (video)
The Lumineers may be known for the kind of music your great-grandfather listened to while harvesting his crops, but that's not stopping from the neo-folk outfit getting with the times and releasing a new music video for "Submarines," from last year's self-titled LP.

In this hyper-realistic stop-and-go-style animation, a sailor mourns his losses in a cup of liquor while an underwater explorer gets lost on an adventure in his belly, which is completed by a pair of cuts highlighting the chant-heavy call-and-responses the band have come to be known for.

The video was directed by Nicholas Sutton Bell, and in a statement, the band's Wesley Schultz said, "We've been working with Nick for a while now and love his style and aesthetic on static images. We were excited to see what he could do on a full-length animated video and we just love it."  

Watch the video below and catch the Lumineers live as they wrap up their North American tour.