Luddite Clone The Arsonist and the Architect

With the Dillinger Escape Plan firmly entrenched as complicated-core heroes, bands who once would have been lauded as the craziest thing in the game are now just hoping to get noticed. But the measuring stick will always be redefined - before Dillinger there was Deadguy, before Deadguy there was Rorschach, before technically-inflected hardcore there was Atheist and Cynic, and before it all there was Voivod. While Luddite Clone doesn't reinvent the curve, they certainly grab a share of the spotlight. Having more in common with fellow New Jersey extremists Human Remains than they do with the Dillinger Escape Plan, Luddite Clone use death metal and grindcore as a base before jumping off in numerous directions, not unlike label-mates Soilent Green. Luddite shine brightest on tracks like "Bottom King," "Oratory of the Jigsaw" and the title track, where they combine tempos, genres and an unerring accuracy executed to technical perfection. While making death metal, especially technical death metal, catchy has never been an easy proposition, Luddite's ceaseless swirl of ability, ideas and execution mark them as one of the few to watch. (Relapse)