Low's Mimi Parker Has Died

She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2020

Photo: Nathan Keay

BY Alex HudsonPublished Nov 6, 2022

Low's Mimi Parker has died. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2020. She was 55, according to The Guardian's report.

The band's Alan Sparhawk announced the news in a message through the band's Twitter account, writing that she had "passed away last night, surrounded by family and love, including yours."
Parker was the drummer and co-vocalist of Low, as well as the wife of Sparhawk. Parker and Sparhawk were the two consistent members of Low, who formed in 1993 in Duluth, MN. They released 13 albums, most recently 2021's HEY WHAT.

Low cancelled tour dates back in August due to Parker's cancer. She told The Great Northern in an interview earlier this year, "It's a kick in the head. You have to really face your own mortality. I mean, we always do that anyway, but yeah, you really face it. You are like, "well, what do I do with the time I have left if it's just going to be a short time?" I tend to be a pretty positive person in general. I mean, I had some extreme anxiety and despair for maybe a month, just a shock. But after that, I bounced back and at this point the eternal perspective, it's a very Mormon term, but realizing and hoping that maybe this isn't it and there's something after, and these experiences that we have are just there to teach us humility and compassion and sympathy."

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