Lower Return with New EP

Lower Return with New EP
Chilly Danish post-punk crew Lower have revealed plans to follow up last year's Seek Warmer Climes LP with a new five-song EP. Dubbed I'm a Lazy Son… But I'm the Only Son, the mini-release lands on September 11 through Matador Records, while Danish copies arrive through Escho.

The quickie collection is described in a press release as mixing romantic textures with "harmonic dissonance and high-strung urgency." The EP was recorded in Copenhagen with producer Asger Hartvig (Synd Og Skam).

While the group comprises members of acts like Marching Church, Vår and Sexdrome, touchstones for the upcoming release include Bryan Ferry and Scott Walker. It's further explained that frontman Adrian Toubro has filled the songs with "beguiling tales of sex and death, truth and deceit, glamor and decay," with Leonard Cohen being another reference point for the record.

Down below, you'll find a stream of the set's brooding, liquored-up gloom tune "At the Endless Party."

I'm a Lazy Son… But I'm the Only Son:

1. At The Endless Party
2. Keep Me In Mind
3. Get Back On That Rack!
4. Hot And Bothered
5. Nasty Business