Lower "Soft Option" (video)

Lower 'Soft Option' (video)
While not exactly action-packed, tensions are extremely high in Lower's new video for Seek Warmer Climes track "Soft Option," which seems to find the Swedish post-punk unit struggling to even be in the same room together.

A chilled-to-the-bone arrangement brings an eerie guitar jangle and propulsive beat around downtrodden lines about "gracefully fending off conflict" and the "tension tearing at your heart strings." These seem to line up with the visuals of the foursome taking part in a roundtable anti-discussion, only occasionally eyeing each other as they rub their faces and stare listlessly around the office space. To a degree, it's an exercise in tedium, but blink and you'll miss the static video's visual high-water mark.

Seek Warmer Climes arrives June 17 through Matador Records.