Lower "Bastard Tactics" (video)

Lower 'Bastard Tactics' (video)
With Lower set to deliver their Matador Records debut Seek Warmer Climes next month, the Copenhagen crew are giving us a taste of what to expect via a raw, in-studio performance of the set's "Bastard Tactics."

As the camera traverses the studio setting, we find the Lower crew engaging in early '80s post-punk bass rumble, the harrowing hammer of a floor tom, passionate cries, and cello swipes. Despite the recording studio setting, the band explains that the song is more-so concerned with the personal politics of the night club.

Lower wrote in a statement: "The song itself is concerned with the pursuit of company in night life, and the realization that the way we have come to praise this is not always in vogue with what it really does to people. Loosing [sic] your true self and awkwardly resorting to bastard tactics to bring in game, is a universal feeling."

As previously reported, Seek Warmer Climes arrives June 17.