Loviatar Explore Existential Grief in Their "Silica" Video

The track appear on the Ottawa group's new album 'Lightless'
Loviatar Explore Existential Grief in Their 'Silica' Video
Ottawa doom metal crew Loviatar are gearing up to release their sophomore record, Lightless, via Prosthetic Records on April 3 — but before they unleash the entire album on the world, they're giving fans a taste of what's to come with their video for "Silica" exclusively through Exclaim! 

The track itself sees the band exploring melancholic sludge riffs with a nasty, down-low sound coupled by soaring vocals. The black and white video features the band performing in the middle of a desolate forest spliced between shots of their surrounding environment.

Loviatar offered a statement on the track, explaining:

"Silica" explores the feeling of grief that envelops us when we contemplate the fact that our time is forever running out. How do we attribute meaning to a life that we know is doomed to be devoured by entropy? Heavy metal as an art form overflows almost comically with odes to death and dying; perhaps because when we step back and observe the truth that awaits us, we can only weep or scream with helplessness.

Lightless can be pre-ordered now before it arrives next month. 

You can watch the music video for "Silica" below.