Lovekill These Moments are Momentum

This quintet rock outfit from Cleveland, OH bring it on like a hurricane with urgent and fervent sounds attacking and tearing at you with a cool desperation that swings the proverbial debris your way while remaining oddly calm at the core. It is a sound anchored down by vocals that half grate along, and are half talked along while the guitars and drums are at a constant driving speed pushing and speeding along gaining momentum and energy as they go. The sound is based in a rock sound with an indie approach in the vocals that gives their sound a diversity and quirkiness that works in their favour, while keeping the hostile edge that gives them a bit more substance and hard-line depth. Not quite what you’d expect from the country/western obsessed Middle America, but Cleveland seems to have done something right with these four; this is indie for the kids that need to get the world off their chest. (Playrec)