LoveHateHero White Lies

Ever wonder what you’d get if you threw Fall Out Boy, any screamo band and a guitar solo in a blender? The outcome would most likely sound like LoveHateHero’s new release, White Lies. Maybe White Lies is nothing you haven’t heard before, or maybe it’s a near-perfect example of what constitutes a pop punk band lately. The band, a quintet from Los Angeles, have been making a name for themselves all over the place by playing with larger acts like Saosin and touring relentlessly. While taking influence from a few different styles of rock, the record is regrettably not much more than a typical screamo release. That said, once tracks like "Goodbye My Love” and "Red Dress” are stuck in your head it might be easier said than done to forget about them. The record is fun and catchy, and once in a while singer Pierrick Berube belts out something impressive, but the guitar-monies and solos only go so far to break LoveHateHero out of the purely pop punk/emo mould. (Ferret)