Love the Music in 'Stranger Things'? Then You Need to Know About S U R V I V E's New Album

Love the Music in 'Stranger Things'? Then You Need to Know About S U R V I V E's New Album
If you've rightly fallen in love with Netflix's stellar new series Stranger Things, then you'll already know that much of the show's spot-on '80s appeal comes courtesy of its synth-fuelled score. Luckily, we're about to get a whole lot more of those cosmic-laced sounds, as soundtrack scorers Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein have just announced a new album from their band proper S U R V I V E.

After recently signing to esteemed heavy imprint Relapse Records, the Austin band have revealed that their label debut RR7349 is set to arrive on September 30.

The album will mark the sophomore album from S U R V I V E, following up on their amazing self-titled debut from 2012. As you could expect, the new album promises to be out of this world, with Relapse stating it "is a dark, sweeping exercise in analog synth mastery,"

The label goes on to say this about RR7349:

The pulsating, 9-song instrumental release showcases immense diversity between tracks — RR7349's compositions range from grim tom-tom thunder to space-age epics, pairing tense plodding grooves with meditative ambience and driving, rhythmic beats. Inspired by IDM and horror scores alike, RR7349 is simultaneously ominous and hopeful; tense and relaxed; percussive and melodic.

For a taste of this, you can hear the album's opening track "A.H.B." below.

Over here you can pre-order the record on Relapse, with the tape release available here on the band's longtime label home of Holodeck.


1. A.H.B.
2. Other
3. Dirt
4. High Rise
5. Wardenclyffe
6. Sorcerer
7. Low Fog
8. Copter
9. Cutthroat