The Love And Terror Cult We Are You On Fire

If Toronto, ON-based noisecore creeps the Love and Terror Cult were deadly on their 2007 eponymous full-length, they're wonderfully beyond help with the vicious aural defilement of We Are You On Fire. Expeditiously pushing needles so far into the red that they come spinning back full-circle, these 11 tracks are a rabid explosion of cacophonic shards firing straight into our sense of personal well-being. From opener "June Flew" through an odd Blonde Redhead-meets-Jucifer indie/death attack on "Anti-Sex" to the dirty pillaging of "Boot Tricks," this band's bastardized, hardcore-influenced art rock collides with eerie distortion and overwrought, angular guitar riffs. Together, it creates a stunning, freakish, menacing experience all in one stroke. (Independent)