Love Cursed Tales from the Bedroom

Sounding like a bad mix of Anna Woronker from That Dog and Stevie Nicks, Love Cursed feel like a throwback to some of the lowest points in the female light-indie rock explosion of the early ’90s. It's hard to understand just what sound they were attempting to achieve on the album. Was "Stefania, Queen of Love Cursed" supposed to bring a knowing sense of kitsch via tinny echoed vocals and heart stained cover art? Or doLove Cursed feel like they have come across something really sexy and new with songs like "Girl Friday"? The EP is full of lyrics that appear to be matched up only due to their rhythmic qualities, such as "insane and you're to blame, is this really happening?" The one amusing thing about the disc is the brashly confident front-woman Stefania — she seems to put everything she's got into each track without shame. But in every other way, this six-track EP falls short of being a total nail-polish covered joke. (Independent)