Lou Canon Announces New Album 'Audomatic Body'

Watch her video for the record's "Ancient Chamber"
Lou Canon Announces New Album 'Audomatic Body'
Canadian indie-pop singer Lou Canon — a.k.a. Leanne Greyerbiehl — has announced plans for a new full-length album Audomatic Body. The record arrives May 29 via Paper Bag Records.

Her third studio album features guest vocalists Ariel Engle (Broken Social Scene), Tim Kingsbury (Arcade Fire) and Brendan Reed (the Unicorns/Arcade Fire). Working on the record, Engle likened the experience to "entering into a boudoir."

Press materials paint an even darker image of the forthcoming release:

Its swampy waters filled with electric eels, where natural and synthetic vibrations coalesce beneath Canon's delicately distorted, sometimes almost-whispered vocals. Flashes of intimacy, imagination, loss and rejuvenation punctuate the entrancing set of songs.

Today, Canon has shared her first single from the album, an "electronic noir-pop" track titled "Ancient Chamber," as well as its Christopher Mills-directed music video, which can be seen below.

Audomatic Body is Canon's direct follow-up with 2017's Suspicious. She released her self-titled debut album back in 2011.

Watch the video for "Ancient Chamber" below, where you will also find the album's tracklist.

Audomatic Body:

1. The Chorus
2. M.O.T.R.
3. Next to You
4. We Fight Until We Feel
5. Invisible Desire
6. Aurelie
7. Sleeper Wave
8. Boogie Time
9. Ancient Chamber
10. For Life