a.Lostfield Internal Affairs

It's unfortunate that the promo for Internal Affairs came in more expensive CD packaging than many established metal bands are getting from their indie labels, because the album is just not that great. Obviously the trio from Bolivia, Columbia are serious, putting some effort into marketing their self-released debut, and while the music is almost impossible to review, as a.Lostfield haven't offered anything that's remotely worth discussing, at least there are a few gems within that nice little package that are... well, alright. Like many young-ish bands these days, the dudes have intermediate musical chops and the lyrical content (yes, they have actually provided the lyrics) is whiny, but passable. However, vocalist Ivan Amaya should consider growling or barking instead of singing. The attempts at harmonization, especially on "Forgotten Story," are simply awful, and also within that particular track it sounds like the guitars aren't even in tune. One might be best just reading the liner notes, foregoing actually listening to the album. (Independent)