Loscil First Narrows

Whether he’s making sound effects for video games, gaining inspiration from physics textbooks or occupying the drumming position in Destroyer, one thing is for certain: Scott Morgan is serious about creating sound. Of course, these are just extra facts to complement the ingenuity on his previous two Kranky albums, 2001’s Triple Point and 2002’s Submers. These releases gave a serious injection into the realm of minimal techno, as Morgan, who borrowed his recording name from the Csound computer program, exhibited his uncanny ability at crafting sound. But while the origins of his sampled material have always been somewhat of a mystery, First Narrows introduces sound sources from live musicians. But in true Morgan fashion, the digital processing often makes it hard to decipher the individual contributions of the cello, Rhodes and guitar: the instruments that comprise the new sampling medium. While his signature undulating waves are still present, there is a significantly brighter tone to this release, making it a refreshing release for new and old fans alike. (Kranky)