Los Flippers Pronto Viveremos Un Mundo Mejor

Formed in Colombia in the early '60s, Los Flippers were one of Colombia's better known psychedelic rock group. Like many of South America's rock groups at the time, Los Flippers followed a very British Invasion-esque sound that would later evolve into a more psychedelic blues rock/funk vibe. Pronto Viveremos Un Mundo Mejor ("Soon We Will Live in a Better World") was one of the leading albums of that era for the band. Although it's one of their lesser known works, probably because it was self-released on leader Arturo Astudillo's label, it's much funkier and soulful than I had expected. Lead track "Vivamos Siempre Juntos" is a perfect example of their soulful rock sound, tasty horns and all. "Que Sabes del Amor," on the other hand, goes into a more psychedelic realm, thick with fuzzy guitars and heavy echo effects. Each track bubbles with soulful psych energy that often bursts into funk rock grooves that showcase the band's vigorous interplay. Blending psychedelic rock with funky horns and lyrics dripping with soul, Los Flippers present a solid collection of original material that puts their sound alongside such influential North American bands as Cream and the Guess Who. Pronto Viveremos Un Mundo Mejor is an absolutely inspired album that finds the band at the peak of their game. (Guerssen)