Los Campesinos! Lose Bassist

Los Campesinos! Lose Bassist
With seven members, Welsh indie pop group Los Campesinos! are twice the size of an average band, which means they're also twice as likely to lose a member. Drummer Ollie Campesinos! quit back in 2010, and now bassist Ellen Campesinos! has followed suit.

In a long and heartfelt post on the band's blog, she announce her final show with Los Campesinos! will be on December 15 in London. "I shall spend it struggling not to cry," she admitted. "Please don't point out my tears if you come along. Simply pretend it is eye sweat."

Ellen's reasons for leaving are vague and don't appear to be inspired by any animosity or plans for other musical projects. She explained, "There is not a terribly exciting reason for me leaving, (so please start some exciting rumours), I am just going to try something new. Fulfil my ambitions of becoming a failed writer and developing a opium habit. It's all going to be very retro. I leave with the upmost love and support from the band, but I have requested my replacement not be too cool."

Ellen goes on to list of many fond memories of travelling with the group and thanks many of the folks involved. There's no mistaking the sincerity, so if you have a few free moments, read the message right here.

There's no word as to who she will be replaced by, but it's possible that Los Campesinos! will be even more efficient in her absence, since Ellen confessed, "I was the most frequenter pee needer on long drives."

Ellen was a founding member of the group, having joined back in 2006. She directed the video for 2009's "The Sea Is a Good Place to Think About the Future," which you can watch below.