Lori McKenna

The Tree

BY Marlo AshleyPublished Jul 17, 2018

Lori McKenna's 11th studio album, The Tree, is about the trials and tribulations of family life. The Grammy-winning singer-songwriter is accompanied by her Grammy-winning producer Dave Cobb on acoustic guitar.
The title track uses Shel Silverstein's authority on family values, and "People Get Old" chronicles human life measured through time. Anderson East's electric guitar lead on "The Fixer" relishes in lyrics about the interpersonal complexities of married life. The vocal harmonies show an authentic emotional depth depicting tenderheartedness, sympathy and compassion between lovers.
The folk-pop "Young and Angry Again" talks of bygone days, while the folk-country "The Lot Behind St. Mary's" has a similar nostalgia about teen love, where a finger-picked acoustic guitar emphasizes a childlike playfulness among high school sweethearts. Lori McKenna's poetic stanzas are picturesque and her messages are spiritually sacred and sincere. Her songwriting and lyrics are truthfully captivating and fascinatingly realistic.
(CN Records)

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