Lord Mantis Spawning The Nephilim

Utilizing his time in black metal outfit Nachtmystium to his advantage, guitarist/vocalist Andrew Markuszewski has learned to embrace torment, bleakness and fury, combining them with extraordinary results in latest bludgeoning outfit Lord Mantis. Doom-y and baneful, Spawning The Nephilim is a continual onslaught of scorching vocal shrieks blasting out over methodical yet odd metallic structures. Songs such as "Unnatural Dwarfism" and "Push Tug Wipe" range from a galloping drive to deconstructed shots of impassioned cries and chaotic rumblings. It's not always the most engaging experience, as it lacks the forthright passages and grooves most listeners require to truly embrace a band. However, when realizing the degree of demonic intensity that permeates these seven tracks, one can't help but gawk in awe at Lord Mantis's power. (Seventh Rule)