Lopazz Kook Kook

In the first track on his electro house debut on the Get Physical label, Lopazz charges forth with heavy piano lines and avant-garde funk in the bubbling thunder of "Discogs.” It represents the best of his colourful analog blends, which oscillate between micro-house, minimal techno and nu-disco. Cruising synth lines and disco beats weave through some well-executed, compelling material. "Credit Card Receipt” is melancholy electro reminiscent of early Bookya Shade, "Play In My House” has eerie, bubbly funk, offering a kind of quirky drive, and the dislocated house/lounge of "Old Day” embodies a smooth and lucid intellectual groove. Yet it always seems like the listener is waiting for things to either get a little deeper, smoother or crunchier. Either way, there’s a hunger for a more visceral experience, thus Kook Kook’s imaginative and edgy sound is a little over-thought and underdone. (Get Physical)