Lootpack Soundpieces: Da Antidote

Primarily known for their appearances on all three albums by the Alkaholiks, the Lootpack, producer /MC Madlib, DJ Romes and MC Wildchild have created a full-length antithesis to wackness. While there are minute traces of their inebriated associates found in their system, their willingness to experiment is the strength they build on to forge their own identity. The key to the Lootpack lies in the sonic foundation laid by producer Madlib. Blips and ethereal voices form the backdrop for the “unordinary sounding loops” of “Crate Diggin’” and spliced horn bursts hold down “Speaker Smashin’.” The tracks are also significantly boosted by cameo appearances by like-minded artists. “Long Awaited,” featuring Dilated Peoples, is easily among the best tracks and the ambitious “Episodes” changes up the beat for each of the several MCs who bless the mic. Lyrically, the Lootpack could be accused of being mad rappers, but as the excellent “Weededed” proves, their criticism of the ever-present wack MC is not merely reactionary, but specific when it needs to be. Despite Soundpieces’ hefty length, effective filler detection and Madlib’s short attention span to any beat that crosses his ears, make it a tight debut. (Stones Throw)