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BY Michael EdwardsPublished Jul 22, 2015

When Loop quietly reformed to co-curate and play at one of the All Tomorrow's Parties music festivals in 2013, it became very apparent just how overlooked they had been during their initial incarnation. They did leave behind an impressive albeit small discography when they broke up in 1991, but Loop were always overshadowed by the likes of Spaceman 3 and the Jesus and Mary Chain, with whom they were grouped because of their love of noise and feedback. Loop were kind of different, though — more hypnotic and spaced out, with a monstrously huge sound.
Jump forward almost 25 years, and not too much has changed. There have been some lineup changes, even since the first reunion gigs, but the core of Loop is still Robert Hampson, and he's picked up right where he left off. "Precession" is a beast of a song, with a repetitive guitar riff that drills right into your subconscious; it ranks right up there with the band's best. The second track, "Aphelion," follows a similar template, albeit a little less aggressively.
The second half of the EP owes a debt to Main, Hampson's ambient project after Loop. "Coma" is a sinister drone that meanders along without really reaching an endgame, but it acts as a palate cleanser before the epic closing track. "Radia" clocks in at just over 17 minutes long, and takes its time to shift into a metallic Krautrock groove before slowly fading away.
Chances are there won't be too many surprises from the next two planned EPs, but if the quality is as high as it is here, then there will be little to complain about.

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