The Lonely Parade "Hey, Felix" (Exclaim! TV x Pinball Sessions)

The Lonely Parade 'Hey, Felix' (Exclaim! TV x Pinball Sessions)
Peterborough's the Lonely Parade are a group that many peg to be wise beyond their years, making music with strong elements of urgency and excitement. Making waves in their hometown through getting their start at Rock Camp for Girls Peterborough, it's a wave they continued to ride through writing, recording, and performing in their city. The alt-rock three-piece were named the recipients of the Peterborough Folk Festival's Emerging Artist award, serving as a sign of things to come from their work.

Exclaim! and the Pinball Sessions crew recently met up with the young trio at the Peterborough Folk Festival for a performance of "Hey, Felix" off their debut full-length, Sheer Luxury.

Beginning with the tremolo picking of guitarist/vocalist Augusta Veno and a steady backbeat from drummer Winnie Climenhage, it isn't long before the band ends the opening lull with a quick time signature change. Veno and bassist Charlotte Dempsey exhibit some harmony work between six and four strings, leading into the twitchy rhythm of the verse section. It's full steam ahead for the chorus however, with a decidedly more frantic tempo seeing Dempsey handle lead vocals while Veno's backing vocals begin an incredibly calculated race alongside Climenhage's drumming.

Watch the performance in the player below and download the full three song Pinball Session here.

Filmed by Dan Beeson, Shawna Cooper & Roberto Granados-Ocon
Audio by Dan Beeson
Edited by Katherine Kwan