Lone Pigeon Concubine Rice

Gordon Anderson, a founding member of the Beta Band whose fine compositions can be found on the first of their EPs, has made a return as the Lone Pigeon. Mental illness had forced Anderson's departure from the Beta Band, at one time known as the Pigeons, and his return as a solo artist could be accurately described, although perhaps insensitively, as a bit crazy. Concubine Rice is a convoluted journey through studio noodling, deeply introspective writing and the odd reference to the Beta Band. Although he does have a great sense for pop melodies, many of the tracks are really a grouping of unfinished ideas that could make up three or four excellent songs. Listening to this album is an exploration on its own, and quite clearly some kind of cathartic therapy for Anderson. What makes this album so great is also what makes it so frustrating: once dissected, there are some brilliant songs here. We can only hope they get a proper workout one day in the not too distant future. (Domino)