Logic Announces New Album 'Confessions of a Dangerous Mind'

Logic Announces New Album 'Confessions of a Dangerous Mind'
Logic's busy 2019 itinerary already features the publication of his first novel, a film role and a collaboration with MacDeMarco, and it will now also feature the arrival of a new studio album.

On Twitter this afternoon, Logic announced that his forthcoming effort will be titled Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. While a release date has yet to be set for the effort, the rapper indicated the effort would be "coming soon."

Not unlike the reveal of last year's YSIV mixtape, the Maryland MC broke the new release news with an accompanying song and visual. The clip finds finds Logic rapping while an open wound on his neck bleeds out, eventually covering him in blood.

Lyrically, he confronts anxiety and depression, at one point rapping, "You'll never be Kenny, you'll never be better than Drizzy or Cole / You're losing your hair, you're too fucking old / These are the comments I'm reading on Twitter right now / They make me depressed and they pulling me down."

You can watch the clip in the player below.

Logic's debut novel, Supermarket, is set to arrive March 26. An accompanying soundtrack, which will feature the aforementioned collaboration with DeMarco, has yet to receive a release date.

Last year, Logic also released Bobby Tarantino II in addition to YSIV. Earlier this year, he slid out a new single titled "Keanu Reeves."