Lloyd Banks Cleared of Charges over Ontario Scuffle

Lloyd Banks Cleared of Charges over Ontario Scuffle
Even in the wake of a violent altercation with a Toronto, ON promoter that resulted in the arrest, detention and eventual release of G-Unit rapper Lloyd Banks, the 28-year-old NYC MC says he's eager to return to Canada as soon as he can. After all, Canadian criminal charges against Banks, including forcible confinement, robbery and aggravated assault, have now been dropped.

In a statement to MTV News on Thursday (July 22), Banks's lawyer, Scott E. Leemon, announced all Canadian charges against the rapper were withdrawn on July 15.

"With this finally behind him, Banks looks forward to coming back to Canada soon," Leemon said.

A representative for the Ontario Provincial Court also confirmed to MTV that the charges have been dropped.

The charges stemmed from a string of incidents in January, 2010. The rapper (real name Christopher Lloyd) was scheduled to perform a Friday night set at Club N.V. in Brantford, ON on January 8. As previously reported, the night quickly soured when Toronto-based promoter Chris Hines refused to pay Banks for his appearance - Banks arrived hours late to perform only one song and leave. Hines's refusal to pay spurred Banks and three of his compadres to assault and hold Hines against his will in his hotel room. Hines was sent to hospital with multiple contusions and head trauma.

Banks and his crew were later arrested and charged. After posting bail for their release from custody, the men were later detained at the Canadian border for separate charges.

For his part, Banks has now thanked his Canadian lawyer, Patrick Ducharme, and Ontario authorities for doing "the right thing."