Living Legends


BY Dalia CohenPublished Apr 1, 2005

Living Legends are a family of nine independent hip-hop heads that came together in the early ’90s and have a catalogue of over 50 full-length albums and numerous singles. The Legends crew is made up of Murs, the Grouch, Eligh, luckyiam, Scarub, Sunspot Jonz, Aesop the Black Wolf and Arata. Living Legends have rocked shows all over the world and have a large, underground fan base. Notable success has been a solo album from Murs as well as successful independent releases from other members in the group, while Classic is the latest release, featuring eight of the crew’s members. "Blast Your Radio" is definitely the hot joint off the album produced by Madlib, and "Down for Nothin'," is one of the few synth-based tracks that actually works. Unfortunately, the rest of Classic disappoints mainly due to weak and empty beats. Without any doubt this is a collective of insanely experienced and talented emcees, and there is no question of their lyrical ability but the Casio sounding, computer driven production takes away from the hype rhymes and overall sound of the record. This is an album that would probably sound dope at a live venue with the energy and vibe that Living Legends would bring to the stage, but for at home listening the mad flows of each emcee gets lost in the background.

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