Living Colour Emerge After Half a Decade with Fifth Studio Album

Living Colour Emerge After Half a Decade with Fifth Studio Album
Listen up everybody, because funk metal OG's Living Colour are returning with their first album in six years.

According to their MySpace, the band's line-up of guitarist Vernon Reid, vocalist Corey Glover, drummer Will Calhoun and on-and-off-again bassist Doug Wimbish (replacing one of the best names in rock, Muzz Skillings) are putting the finishing touches on The Chair in the Doorway, their fifth album, which was recorded in the Czech Republic (of all places) and is due out on Megaforce Records on September 15.

Following up on 2003's CollideØscope, the new album will feature the band's trademark socially conscious hard rock, with elements of soul, hardcore/punk, free jazz, funk and heavy metal.

Living Colour formed in 1983 and broke big in the late '80s with the Grammy-winning single "Cult of Personality" off their debut album, Vivid. After three successful albums, they, like most other hard rock and metal bands at the time, crawled into a deep, dark hole during the grunge years. They disbanded in 1995 and then reunited in 2000.

Living Colour has been instrumental in championing rock music in the African American community, and have been heavily involved in the Black Rock Coalition since their inception.