Living Colour

New Morning - The Paris Concert

BY Keith CarmanPublished Jan 9, 2009

Those who only recall Living Colour's entry to the world of music via debut effort Vivid would do well to part with a few bucks and experience the wealth of material this funk metal quartet have been blasting out over the past quarter-century. Featuring 17 tracks (plus two non-credited numbers), the high-definition filming of this 2007 Paris gig highlights these masterful musicians in their element. The 100-plus-minute affair is engaging and upbeat, an enjoyable ride despite the lack of extras. Watching singer Vernon Reid is captivating, as he continues to hone his inimitable voice, and the musicians in the room will be enthralled with the band, as they unfurl their in-depth ability via the aforementioned funk and metal roots yet also traverse rock, jazz and intimations of punk. While Living Colour aren't exactly abundant in their output - a whopping four albums - as one Dazed And Confused character wisely related, it's quality, not quantity, that counts.

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