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BY Amanda CudaPublished May 24, 2011

UK doom metal act My Dying Bride have built up quite the catalogue during their 20-year-plus career. Ten full-lengths, four compilations, a live DVD and even a box set are only a portion of the material that these doom pioneers have put out since they formed in 1990. Now, they will be adding another compilation to that collection.

Evinta will be released on May 31 via Peaceville Records, but right now you can listen to it here, where it will be streaming all week on

Evinta is a collection of previously released MDB tracks, reworked into what the press release calls "long, flowing symphonic compositions," thanks to the help of English keyboard player Johnny Maulding (of Bal-Sagoth) and a handful of classical musicians. The tracks will also feature new vocals and passages from the band's vocalist Aaron Stainthorpe.

Stainthorpe says that the album is "a project almost 15 years in the making. An idea that has sat smouldering and never really had a reason to burn alive until now. Nine albums worth of darkness recreated anew to mark 20 years of MDB."

Along with the standard two-disc release, you can also purchase a limited-edition version of the Evinta that comes with a 24-page digital booklet. If that's not enough MDB love for you, there will also be a deluxe three-disc set available with additional songs and a 64-page hardcover book.

Although you're going to have to wait to get your hands on a physical copy and the rest of those goodies, we do want to help you quench your doom metal thirst as much as we can. That's why we'll be streaming Evinta in its entirety for the next week right up until May 30.

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